Moved Each Day

It is a lie to think that we can fumble through our days and our lives without sensing any spiritual movement. Far too many of us attend church or send up a prayer then get up and go out the door. We turn our hearts and our attention back to every other thing in life. Sometimes we can go all day without thinking of the Lord, all week, or even until the next time we step back into a church. The problem with this is that it is a deception that we pull on ourselves. God is ever-present and calling us into a relationship with Him. He has given us everything from the job where we work to the health we have to be there. He not only has invested in restoring our relationship between us and Him but is sending us opportunities every day to take His call seriously. We were made to be guided and moved each day by a dear and helpful Friend. Christ sent the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts and to lead each step in our walk with God. So, if we are not making the Lord important enough to seek His presence diligently each day, let us start now! God will move powerfully in our lives, but not unless we are looking for Him there!


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