The Cure For Doubts

Today we find many people struggling to believe in. We also have more people all the time who have decided to not even try. This is unfortunate for those who do believe in Christ and are expecting Him to return because we do not want anyone to miss out on being with Him forever. The reasons for disbelief are many and quite possibly some fall away simply because they get the impression that believers look down on them for their hesitance. But as long as we focus on our earthly scene we will never be placing enough emphasis in Glory where our Lord is at work to save all our souls. We all need to shift our attention from us to Him. We all have to humble ourselves and seek our Savior. When someone can break free from the distractions of this world and does set our heart on God above, then He is pleased to move into the sphere of our awareness. It is a thrilling and frightening experience, but, it is the only thing we need. Once a soul has been touched, thrilled, and bewildered by the overwhelming presence of God, all frivolous thoughts and doubts will vanish. All we will want is to see more! Press on dear searching children for the wonder and joy that is set before us!


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