Too Proud To Believe

It can be one of the hardest things to do these days to go against the crowd and say that we believe in God. Nobody can see Him. Scientists want to disprove prove Him. Piers and society look down their noses. We may feel a bit old-fashioned or naïve to step out of the trends and consider placing faith in God with all the fierce opposition. However, all the negativity and doubts will seem like nothing and vanish completely when a person will humble themselves. When we reach a point that we cannot see how He could possibly be, but we look up with our souls and let our hearts fill with hope, He is pleased to move into the light of our awareness. When God does make His presence known to us, we will surely be undone. He is infinitely bigger, more powerful, wiser, and far more loving than we had imagined. It will seem too much to take in, but it is the most exciting experience there is. To fall humbled and breathless in the immediate presence of God instantly alters our understanding of reality and repays our souls for going against the doubts. So, we can step forward despite all negativity, and seek the Lord with all our hearts! It will be well worth it for sure!


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