Enter By The Gate

Blessed are those who do his commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter in by the gates into the city.  Revelation 22:14  WEB

The young people left the picnic area to explore in the forest. Nearby, they found some old ruins surrounded by a high wall. They managed to all climb over into the yards to discover it had long ago been a swimming club. The pool was almost empty and broken glass littered the deserted clubhouse. When they returned from their adventure, they wanted to show their parents what they had found. However, this time, they discovered that the front gate was open and they had not needed to scale the back wall to get in. Are we anxious to enter the ancient city where God our Father waits for us?

There are many exciting ventures for humans to seek. But, none can compare to the greatest experience of all. It is swiftly approaching. One day soon, we will have the chance to enter into the City where God lives and has invited us to. The whole human race has been either preparing for the day or throwing caution to the wind. The children of God who have done what they could to come to know Him will not need to attempt sneaking over the wall. They may enter by the Gate, our Savior, whom they chose to know and love more than anything else. Soon we could explore the wonders of the realms where God moves. We know that many will not make enough of the call to return to our Father. But, just imagine how those who do will feel when they are welcomed in by Christ our Lord! He is our Entrance and will take us into the very Presence of our Father.

Dear Lord,

We have no hope outside of Your Saving Grace to make it where You have called us to be. Please, oh please, help us make it into Your presence to be with You forever, we pray!



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