Trusting God

Some people think that putting their trust in God is too much to ask. For them, it is more of a struggle than they are willing to give. Maybe they have been deceived to think that God will let them down. Or maybe someone is whispering to them in their hearts that if they did trust God, then they would not feel comfortable taking the back seat and letting God control the outcome. Whatever the case, doubt closes doors while hope and a little faith open up our hearts for so much more. When we go out on a limb and place our trust in the good heart of God, something magical happens. The first change is the beautiful change that begins to stir within our hearts. Then, we progressively become more aware of the powerful presence of the Lord. As we grow steadily more observant we will become more and more surprised each day at God´s care and provision. We can expect to be blown away increasingly more often by miraculous displays of God´s powerful arm at work. The closer we grow in our relationship with Christ, the greater our trust will grow and the more wonderful miracles we will see.


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