It Is High Time

There was a time when life was just a little simpler and people came to the Lord to be with the Lord. Not so long ago we went into a church to find a presence. We came looking for God because when we sought Him, He flooded us with a mighty awareness of the fact that He was here. Nowadays though, it seems that we have our doctrines and our teachings down to a point where meeting God or searching for Him are no longer an important issue. We have great teachers, we have buildings, and we have denominations who all wear Christ´s name. But where are the ones who ache, who thirst, who drive themselves in their search for the Savior? Why are so few people these days satisfied with what we have found already? It is time that we got hungry again! It is time that we get off our comfortable chairs and go as far as needed to bring back the presence of God in our lives. Let us become the kind of Christians who demand to be experiencing God and reveling in His powerful movement in our lives! If we are not thrilled and filled with wonder each day by finding God engaging with us in our day, then let us drop everything and go after Him until we do! Now is the time to be with God, let us not wait for another day!


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