Nothing More Important

Life is short. There are ups and downs for everyone who walks the face of the earth. When it is all said and done, most of what we strive for will mean nothing. We will not be able to take anything accumulated with us when we are through. The things that are of most value will be found to be whether or not we were good and kind, and whether or not we have established a solid relationship with the One Who controls all things. Many people prefer not to think of God all through their lives until they face having their earthly lives taken away. Then, with a new perspective, they start to grasp for something eternal, something of everlasting worth. But it does not have to be this way for us. We can start today. Our lives can be of worth each day. We can begin to walk with the Eternal One right now! We can start learning His mysterious ways. We can start talking with Him here. We can get really good at listening for His silent whispers that shake the foundations of our universe. We do not have to wait until we look death in the face to seriously consider finding our Savior. Let us humble ourselves now and let Heaven come into our hearts today as we draw near to Christ. Nothing should keep us from the joys of knowing Him and walking with the God of Wonders right now!


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