The Author Of True Religion

Men have built great empires out of their religions and then we pat each other on the back for it. We think we are doing great and doing it all in the name of God. But we should remember that everything that we truly have to do with God originates with Him. Nothing lies in our hands or has been given for us to do with it as we please. Our religion, in its true form and one that truly connects us to Him begins with God. Christ is the author and finisher of our faith. This is the only way it can be. Only One from Heaven can get us into Heaven. Only Christ who came down can bring us back. He can only do that with people who are looking to Him, walking with Him, listening to Him, and yearning for Him. If we are focused on Him to the point where we are deliberately doing these things, we will not be the kind of people who have time for much else. We will not have to defend our denominations. We will not have to argue our points of doctrine. We will each be tuning ourselves to the Source. We will be tuning ourselves to Christ. In doing so, we will all be tuning ourselves towards our God in Heaven, and to each other in our love for Him!


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