Outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.  Revelation 22:15  WEB

When it came time for the boy´s communion, the family found out that he could not participate. It was the church´s policy that every child who wanted to participate had to have been baptized. If the child had not been baptized at the usual age, they were not eligible until the proper rectifications had been made. Have we ever found ourselves on the wrong side of the door?

Our Savior warned us of people who think they are going to be a part of God´s Kingdom, but then find out to their disappointment, that they cannot enter in. Without knowing it, we are having our faith toyed with and if we are not careful, we could soon find ourselves locked out of the Presence of God forever. Each one should take their own situation seriously and come to terms with the Lord now while we still have a chance. The kind of people that will be on the outside are those who trusted in things other than Christ. To make sure that we do not fall into those categories, we must go often to the Lord and humble ourselves. We need to ask Him to show us if our hearts will betray us in the end. If He is what we want and what we need, then He will see the true leaning of our hearts. He will know if there is falsehood or misplaced trust. Let us run to our Savior now to make sure that there are no hidden idols or love for anything less than Him now while we still have time to become the Lord´s.

Dear Lord,

Please help us work out our salvation directly with You. We do not want to be surprised one day to find that we did not truly know You or just followed pleasing doctrines. Redeem us, save us, and make us Yours forever, we pray!



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