When God Is Welcomed

There comes a moment when a soul is open toward God in such a way that He can visit them and make His presence known. It is an experience that will utterly frighten and thrill us at the same time. Those who have felt it are humble souls that sought to be with their Lord. However, when God does move, it floors them and leaves them trembling yet in bliss. Knowing about the Lord is not enough. We must seek our encounter. We must leave the comfort of our former lives and go out in search of our Savior. If we do, we will never be sorry, not for all the eternal ages to come. When the Spirit of God finds a soul yearning to be filled, it opens all the floodgates of Heaven for God’s presence to move in. He is waiting and will be pleased to see that we want Him too. Let us humble ourselves, seek Him in earnest, and let Him overwhelm us with the awareness of His presence today!


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