Nearer To The Lord

From the very beginning, we were intended to be in the presence of God. We were made for His pleasure and that means so that He could walk and talk with us and be in a loving relationship. We allowed separation to creep in between us. That separation is called sin. It is us turning our backs on that relationship and looking to something other than Him. He never wanted any separation between His children and Him. So, He came up with a plan to save us and restore us to a point where we can be together again. The day will come when all barriers are removed. Christ will come and we will get to live with God in the relationship He intended from the start. But our relationship with God, our walking and talking with Him must start now. We have been called to turn back to Him and to leave our earthly direction. We must resist our tendency to the world and seek the presence of our Lord. The Spirit calls us into our walk with Christ. Let us learn to cultivate our relationship with God. Let us humble ourselves, repent from our stubborn insistence to walk without Him. And, let us seek again the presence of God with such determination that we may start to enjoy that presence today!


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