Hope And Faith

Some people say that they will not accept belief in God because it requires faith. However, faith is a gift that is given by God to those who show a certain level of interest. The blessed children who turn to God in hope are precious in His eyes. They lift their hearts towards Him and admit that they cannot see. He accepts their humble offering of hope and their open hearts towards Him. He is pleased to fan the flame of hope and dish out faith accordingly. Faith and hope together form a mighty pair in receiving the gifts of understanding. God is thrilled as He sees the seeds planted are growing in us and will open our awareness more and more. If we insist in our pursuit of Him, He will give more of Himself to us as our relationship grows. We will see His movement and His presence increase the more we walk with Him. This is the joy and thrill of the new believer and the bliss and strength of the people who have walked longer with the Lord. The Holy Spirit is always radiating from their character because their days are spent with God.


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