Pardon was purchased at the cross of Jesus. The veil of the temple which kept mankind from entering the direct presence of the Holy was torn. Finally, we all can approach the Lord. We are encouraged by prophets, preachers, texts, and God´s Son. Now it is our turn to do something. Now is when we should be working along with the Spirit to heed the call. We should be doing everything in our power to seek the Lord. It should be our highest priority. Each one of us was given the gift of life so that we could draw near to God, so close that nothing keeps us from enjoying each other´s presence. There is much that we can do to make sure that we come near to Him too. Christ went far to pave the path. He sacrificed more than we can imagine, to become our Way. If we will come to Him, if we can get to know Him better than we know our own way home, we will find our Way Home forever. Jesus is called the Way, so let nothing keep us from drawing near Him now so that His work is effective and we can experience being with God always. All the while we are talking with Christ in truly engaging prayer, listening to His instructions, learning His teachings, and getting to know the Son of God, we will be walking in and with THE WAY that God has graciously given us!


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