Open To The Mystery

There are people who are completely unaware that humans can come into contact with the Unseen God. Others have heard and do know that God has called us to encounter Him. We all have what it takes if we choose to and the magical moment awaits. So what holds us back? God is bigger and more mysterious than we could ever imagine. We may never completely comprehend Him because He is the infinite God. But, He has called us into this relationship. So, the trick is to empty these hearts. Remove self and our preoccupation with our lives and this world we live in. Make room in us for the mystery of a God above description or limitations. Clear out our skepticism and prepare ourselves to embrace wonder. Get our souls ready to be amazed, blown away by the realization of His presence and glory. We will need to pray intently and without reserve for Him to make His overwhelming presence known to us. But, He will do it because He has promised Himself to us. This leaves the challenge with us. What will we do with our call? Will we seek to be bewildered, undone, and astonished? Will we seek our encounter with the Lord? Pray that we press forward in our pursuit of God and persevere in our search until we wake up to what He wants to show us of Him today!


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