Like the Wings

Faith plays an important part in lifting us above the worries and cares of this world and focusing our souls on our marvelous and mysterious God. It is essential if we would like to draw near to Him. However, there is another quality that works along with faith. Hope is like the other wing that we will need to approach God. It is like faith in that we do not need to know things we don´t or cannot see. Hope lets us come near God without any power of our own. All we need is to hear of God´s love, His goodness, and His care. Then hope can stir within us and bolster our faith. These wings of our souls begin to beat together. They lift us up and ever closer to the Wonder that is our God. One encourages the other, assists the other, and closes the gap between our Savior and us. Faith and hope can and will bring us right into the presence of God if we give them a chance. We do not need to be the greatest religious experts or more righteous than the rest. If we just drop to our knees and turn our soul´s gaze towards the Son and let our hearts fill with hope and simple faith, the Lord of Wonders will loom into view. We will draw near to God simply because hope and faith lift us ever closer to Him!


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