Faith Exercised

Faith is a gift of God. It is given to us by Him so that we can become strong enough to follow His Son on our journey Home. We all start out with little. Just like small children, our strength will come through exercise. If we sit back comfortably and do nothing, our faith will not increase. People who have experienced trying and difficult times know what it is like to have their faith tested. They were stretched beyond their ability to endure. But in their pain, they found that God was right there with them. They found their strength in Christ. They learn to lean on Him. The more they can lean on their Savior, the stronger they are. We can be like that, when our faith is stretched, when we face troubles too heavy for us, we can learn to put faith we didn´t know we had in the Lord. We become strong even though the strength is not really ours at all. Our strength comes in the bond that we are developing through our dependence and our need to be with our God. The more often we go to Him, the deeper the tie that binds us together with Him and the stronger we become. Our faith is tried, strengthened, and made healthier the more we need it and use it. We will already be stronger the moment we see every trouble as a chance to exercise our faith in the Lord.


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