Possible To Know God

We humans have plenty of history and tons of testimonies from mere souls like us who have somehow woken up to find that God is near and waiting for us to come into contact with Him. The problem is that there is a very powerful and fierce force that does not want us to ever really come to know Him personally. One does not need to be an expert to see this hateful resistance to embracing God. All we need to do is bow down on bended knees and turn our hearts towards the Lord in humble submission. Ask that He will make His presence unmistakably known to us. If our desire to be with God is genuine, we will step out of the world´s parade and the opposition will come. However, if knowing God is what we would set ourselves to, we could have a walk with Him full of heart-thrilling discoveries. We will never have to be alone again because the mightiest Power of all the universe will be walking with us through our day! We will have to learn to meet Him on His terms in reverence and submission. But it is completely possible. So, if we are not walking personally with God today, let the encouragement sink in for us to try. We will forever be surprised and bewildered by His wonder and love!

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