Would Ruin God

Some people have fallen away from the fold of Jesus because of the actions or sentiments of others. An insensitive word or action from a supposed believer does injury to our souls and that is what God´s enemy wants. We cannot forget that while this old world continues to run its course God has not forgotten about us and His plan of restoring us into a perfect and eternal relationship with Him is reaching its victorious celebration. All the signs point out that we are living in the last days of lawlessness and strife. Soon our Savior will be returning to receive us and usher us into the presence of God on His merit. Those who cling to Him, those who persevere and do not give up hope will have all the blessings to look forward to. So, regardless if the attack comes to us from within the church, as it did to Christ, let us keep our focus on the Eternally Good God that loves us and wants to be with us forever! Step closer to the Lord and every dark cloud can strengthen the bond we have with Him and sweeten the relationship we will enjoy for all times.


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