All Is Not Lost

When we feel like the world is crashing down around us and when all that is dear to us seems to be slipping away, it is painful but there is hope. These times of trial come to us all and if we read our Bibles, we will know that they are to be expected in life. The Savior and His Disciples have warned us of the latter days where trouble and strife would increase. So, we should arm ourselves and take the steps to be ready in our hearts and in our minds. When troubles come, we should accept the opportunity that our painful situations provide and step closer to the Lord. If whatever threatens us makes us lean further on God, the outcome will be in His hands. Whatever drives us to seek Him is working out our salvation and our eternal good. The extra time we will spend talking with the Lord will be walking with Him and increasing the loving bond we have together. So let us shift our hope from this world to God´s Kingdom. Let us throw ourselves into the building of our personal life with our Savior to secure our outcome and lift our hope above these troubled waters. Let us shift the weight from our shoulders onto Christ´s and start celebrating the eternal. relationship with Him that we are building now!


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