Why Know God?

God, in His infinite majesty, is far greater than what a human mind can comprehend. Still, He has called us and encouraged us to seek Him and enter a relationship with Him. Those who do will be granted the opportunity to experience Him in ways that will floor us and leave us trembling. Many people go their whole lifetimes thinking that what they see in this world is all that there is. But, these curious souls that recognize a yearning in their hearts to search out the wonders and the presence of God, are headed for their encounter. When it happens, it breaks the little bubble that they had been living in before. Suddenly, all the fixed points of our planet, our science, and our philosophy, all seem puny or useless in the face of the greater reality. Just waking up to the reality that a God much bigger than time or space is right here near us and has turned His attention to our inquiring souls, can terrify us and take our breath away. The experience can leave the humble soul reeling for ages and change our lives. The common thrills that we sought before will seem cheap and frivolous. Instead of asking why we should meet Him and get to know Him, we should be asking why we are holding short of it!


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