The Destination And The Journey

Christians are blessed people who have a very bright future to look forward to. Their Heavenly Father has promised them that they will one day live with Him. They will have direct access to the throne room and His presence. All pain and sorrow will be swept away and they will know wonders that we cannot possibly imagine. Knowing where we are headed gives us the strength to get through our day and the troubles of life. However, if we ever truly hope to reach that Heavenly shore, we might want to take a more careful look at how we are walking today. If we want our journey here to take us to the presence of God, we should be learning to seek that presence each and every day. Attending a service at the weekend, or fitting a devotional reading into our schedule will help us if only our heart is walking with the One we say we love. Let us pray that we will grow close enough to Christ that our relationship with Him is what gets us through our day. Let us deliberately develop our walk with Him so that He is with us in every instant and we are so tuned to Him that He can show us where and how to step. If we can walk closely enough with our Savior today, then we can be sure that all our tomorrows will be with Him too.


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