Merely Earthly Concerns

Indeed, this world is too much with each of us. It is so easy to make more of it than we should. We wake up to our busy schedules every morning and the race is on. So many things pull our hearts in this direction and the other. Our minds race constantly to keep up with all the things we need to do and also the things we want. Many times it is only when frustrations or pain hits us that we begin to see that we need help from above. When we finally realize that we are not powerful enough or clever enough to solve our woes, then our hearts look for help. Whatever the case, all is not lost. Anything that will gain the attention of our souls is a blessing. Let these hearts of ours seek God and when He moves in our lives, we will realize that the earthly things that seem so big to us are easily eclipsed by His presence. Suddenly we are capable of understanding a fraction of the power and size our God possesses as He effortlessly controls every spectrum of every realm. We will start to see that we are in essence spiritual and our world has been hiding that fact from us. Find our Savior, and we will begin a journey of discoveries. The first of which is that the physical world is nothing without the Spirit and the Spirit controls absolutely everything. Draw near to the Lord, and we will open ourselves to learn the true value of things and see that physical things have far less value than we thought.


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