Our Focus In Life

While we each busy ourselves with living, there are reasons why we strive and that throw us into our tasks. These purposes we carry with us through our day influence us in all that we do. They drive us, and, even though we may not be consciously thinking about them, they are the focus of our lives. Some of us are focused on making a name for ourselves. We do our work or study and all that goes along with it, inspired towards our focused goal. For others, it may be pleasure. We may do things we don´t always enjoy, but every opportunity we get is seized for fun. There are other main focuses like these but each is similarly directed at ourselves. Then, there are the quiet, almost forgotten ones who have fallen in love with Christ. These hearts have found something better than us to focus on. The interest has shifted to One who is above all this. The daily walk is not dedicated to the things to be gained for ourselves here. Rather, we are looking away to the One we are coming to know. He inhabits eternity. Walking with and setting our attention on the Lord saves us from a world of lesser interests and invests our lives in a relationship with the Everlasting God who is dying to dazzle us forever.


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