Our Disposition Towards God

Wikipedia defines the word disposition as a quality of character, a habit, a preparation, a state of readiness, or a tendency to act in a specified way. We can easily see from that description that depending on what our disposition toward God is will decide how well we will ever know Him. If we think little of Him, we will have little, know little, and experience less accordingly. If, however, we are able to open our heart towards Him, if we kindle this desire to know Him and be near Him, then there does not need to be any limits to what we will experience. God is good. He is infinitely better than we have imagined. Those who have been allowed into His presence know and are thrilled and bewildered. We too stand a chance of having our understandings quickened and the doors of our reality blown right off if we can find a disposition to the Lord that lets Him show Himself to us. People like to be cautious when dealing with their sensitive hearts. We struggle to let go and step where we cannot see. However, some will turn to Christ with a heart that aches to be shown the wonders of God and will go on to cultivate that thirst. If we do, we will be thrilled and amazed by what comes next!


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