Oh, How Few

How many people throughout every age have taken to religion or belief in God just to find a way to identify ourselves? Belief in God has been a great form of uniting people and providing us with standards and morals. It has helped nations maintain order and it has brought strength of will to many. Churches have been built and some grew into organizations. Unfortunately, though, God´s intentions for us are not directed solely on what we can milk out of or build up in this life here on earth. Right from the beginning, God has been calling souls to Him. This is not merely a call to a congregation, a set of beliefs, or a way of living out our days here. God is calling souls those who will leap at the chance to engage with Him. He looks for hearts that are open to knowing Him as an individual, to walk and talk with Him like any other relationship we could have. God is looking for people who are also looking for Him. He wants people who want to be with Him. We are all at risk of losing our chance to be with the Lord if we will not drive ourselves to seek a growing awareness of His presence. Let us become the kind of people who seek Christ each day for the experience of being with God. Let us cultivate a desire for being with Him that burns deep inside of us and grows with every step closer we come to Him!


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