Only In God

Christ´s little flock has undergone a vicious attack. Dark forces are keeping us from encountering the Lord in our day. It is difficult to find people now who are so in love with God that they hunger or thirst after Him. Nowadays, we are taught to be satisfied holding on to a few pleasing doctrines and to congratulate ourselves on our choices. So successfully has our trap been laid for us, that few of us even realize that our relationship with God is being stolen away from us. No longer are we trying to think of Him in fear, trembling, or reverence. We struggle to see or feel Him and when we fail, without thinking of it, we lower our sights. We give up on seeking to be struck with the kind of awareness that will sweep us away or that alters our view of reality. If we look around for encouragement, hardly anyone is trying to turn us around from our declining aspirations. We have lost our need for Him to break through the barriers that hold us from experiencing His presence personally each day. Only in the Lord can we find any hope. Only those who will repent and fall to their knees seeking Him can hope to recover from our deceit! Pray that the Savior can still reach a few of us with His gentle voice and lead us back into a daily quest to find ourselves in the presence of God!


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