Why, Oh Why?

Generations ago men and women woke up in the morning and found that they had to leave the shelter of their homes and go out into the elements to provide their families with the necessities of life. Nowadays, we wake up in comfortably regulated homes and take climatized vehicles to our equally controlled places of work. It is easy for us to forget the elements or never give thought to the One who makes the rain fall on us or the crops to grow. In our hearts too, we can easily forget that the Greater Reality is God. What we do not see with our eyes and our limited understandings is the One who brings everything into existence and sustains our every breath. It would be best to remember how much we owe our Creator and Redeemer and do what we can to approach Him with gratitude. We might want to consider more often the One who made us and keeps it all held together. What is more, is that our Maker has called us unto Him. He wants us to return to Him with our hearts instead of chasing all the gifts that He has graciously given to us. Why on earth should we step on His feelings? Why don’t we drop everything today and turn our souls to seeking Him as He has for us?


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