Life Through Death

It may not be what we want to hear. It may not be what they are teaching us these days. But the humble and simple folk who have woken up to the magical mysterious life of the Spirit of God know that a sacrifice still needs to be made if we want to enter the presence of God. Christ went before us to show us the Way. Now, with our eyes on Him and our hearts in His, we can follow. Our sacrifice is not entirely like His. He paid for the sin of our waywardness. We must offer up that waywardness and our idols. Our idols are all those things our hearts go out to that are not theLord. It is a painful process, but if our desire for knowing the Divine is great enough, we can press on. The cross can put to death our attachment to our world. Then we will know freedom as we have never known. When we are allowed into the presence of God and become acutely aware of Him in our here and now, all the pain will be forgotten. Pray that we can become those faithful few who will set our faces into the wind! Pray that we may die to all that falls short of Him. Pray that we will pass through any adversity to know the wonder of waking up to the presence of God that will move powerfully in our lives!

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