Know About Or Know God

Nearly every human being alive has at least heard of the Wondrous Spirit that we call God. He is wrapped in mystery and although we cannot see God, He is closer than we can imagine. Not only does God hold us in His mighty hands, but He knows our every thought and feeling. Some of the people who have heard about our loving Helper go on to become Christians. We place our hope in the Savior who was sent to us from above. This beginning step closer to God can set us off on a journey that leads us upwards and ever closer in our relationship with the Divine. It is easy for us to stop short and be satisfied with the progress already made. However, relationships are to be invested in and so those who are serious about knowing God must press on. We can and should take whatever knowledge we have of the Spirit and learn to use it to bring us into actual daily contact with Him. The closer we come in our walk with the Holy Spirit, the greater awareness we will experience and the better we will know Him. God is limitless, so there will always be more to learn of Him. Let us press onward on our journey of the soul. Pray that we move ever upwards from the little we know of the Spirit to become intimate friends that cannot live one moment without Him!


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