Knowing Comes Through Experience

Those who turn to God for the express purpose of knowing Him instead of a multitude of lesser reasons can have that relationship they seek. It is man´s ultimate achievement. It is the only way we will ever have any lasting peace. Our world can fall completely to pieces and it most surely will, yet if we are walking a high road together with the Lord in personal contact, no lasting harm will come to us in the end. We will have found our purpose to live. That purpose will be the bond we share with our God. Unfortunately, though, we often fall short and are led astray. We might never seek the kind of intimacy that God has called us to. We are robbed of our chance to wake up to the presence of God or to experience the overwhelming power of the Spirit because we settle for merely holding doctrines. We weigh ourselves by comparing ourselves to those around us instead of weighing how closely we are walking with Christ. If we would humble ourselves again, perhaps we could hear the soft call of the Spirit urging us to draw near. We can take what we have of religion and use it not just for the lifestyle or the name. Pray that the Lord can still find a few souls that will turn from our self-oriented world and truly seek to experience the presence of God in our day.


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