Our Outlook On The World Today

Looking around us at our world today, we may get a pretty discouraging picture. Governments are weakening. Wars are hurting innocent people. Economies are threatened. Viruses are keeping us in constant panic. Freedom itself seems to be vanishing. Rising prices and natural disasters all the time. Violent storms and extreme weather hits us harder due to changing environmental concerns. The level of morals is growing lower at a frightening rate. Yet, as disheartening as it all may seem, there is a bright side to our story. As the world accelerates towards chaos, the day of the Lord looms closer. If we can read the signs of our times and let ourselves be moved to seek again the Lord our Savior, we could rise up in hope. If we repent from our secret love for this fallen world, we may still be saved. If we could make it our goal today, to place ourselves in the very presence of God, to bow humbly before Him, then His presence will sustain us. Our outlook on all things will change when awareness comes over us. We will see with clarity that God´s powerful presence is greater than the troubles of our day. Then, there, with our hearts and souls exposed before the Lord, we will know that all will be well because we are close to our God!


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