Where Are The Hungry?

Every age has its trends and religion has them too. We can still find many fanatical people who heatedly defend their theology. People will get pretty worked up about their take on things and because it has to do with such important topics as our eternal welfare, it is a sensitive and charged topic. While we may get emotional over our beliefs and fight about them, it does not always mean that we practice what we preach. Our dealings with God are not limited to what we say of Him no matter how loudly we do it. God has a personality and that means that we can get to know Him if we so choose. If we can see Him as Someone we can get to know, then the biggest questions should be how well we know Him and how strong our relationship is becoming. It is the complete opposite of sitting back comfortably with a few pleasing doctrines. If we want to get to know the Lord, we must work at it. If we have truly broken into the presence of God, we should be so moved by the overwhelming realization, that we will drive hard for more. If we have tasted and know how good the Lord is, then surely we will hunger for more. So then, the question remains, who is hungry now?


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