Jesus´ Promise

Every Christmastime a particular family would travel across the country to visit relatives during the holidays. They would sit around grandma´s big dining room table and enjoy each other´s company. Close family friends who were likewise visiting from various parts of the country would also pop in for a visit too. One particular friend happened to live within an hour´s drive of this particular family. Every year he promised that he would visit them that year in their home not far from his. But the promised visit never turned into reality. Over time, the words he used to convince the family turned into somewhat of a joke to them. How do we feel about the promise Jesus made saying that He will come quickly?
People can promise all kinds of things. But, because they are not the ones who are ultimately in control of this crazy world´s circumstances, our promises can only be good intentions. With God, however, things are quite different. God promised to send us a Savior and He did. He has promised to bless His children and care for us, and He has never stopped working on that even though we turn away from Him all the time. Now, He is asking us to listen to our Savior´s voice and let our hearts mount up in hope. We are to cultivate a sensation of expectation. We can let ourselves get excited. This is what Christ is trying to tell us. The precious children who will trust Him enough to let the anticipation grow will soon have their reward. Jesus is coming quickly, more quickly than most of us are prepared to hope for. But, it would be eternally good for us to try!
Dear Lord,
As we hear Your promise to return to us, help these hearts of ours to overflow with anticipation, excitement, and joy, we pray!

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