Comfort And Strength

When tragedy strikes or when troubles threaten to overtake us, we need a place to find our strength. Some try to find that strength within themselves. It may work for a while, but let the troubles continue, and those individuals will suffer. Others may turn to the people around them. These too may find a bit more comfort if they are able to find someone to care alongside them. But leaning on other people is still relying on human strength and wisdom. Our powers are limited. Then we have the humble people who turn and look for God. These poor souls already admit our insufficiencies. They know we cannot count on our strength to turn the tides of fate or our pain. They look for God and need to know that He is near. When they find that He is. They find the source of all power, wisdom, and strength. Just to be close to the One who controls it all, is where strength and comfort flow from. When awareness of the presence of God washes over us, then the burdens we carry are swept up in His care. A peace that cannot otherwise be explained comes to us and becomes ours in proportion to how close we are to Him. It is not because we have been made strong. It is ours because we are near the Savior who holds the fate of everything in His mighty hands!


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