There is a beautiful example of spiritual truth that is found in the life of Christ. When Jesus began His ministry, He traveled around teaching. People flocked to hear Him and they were amazed at His words. Sometimes huge crowds gathered. Hearts were warmed to hear His good news about God. However, only a few chosen people who were around Him received the deeper message. His Disciples often asked Him about His message and wanted to know the weight it had in spiritual realms. He enlightened them further. Why did they get a fuller revelation that was filled with power and the rest of the congregation did not? Well, they were different than the rest. They had a special quality that we could seek to have as well. Their hearts were a little more open towards Jesus. They had been called, but so have we. The difference is, that something in their hearts drove them to exchange their earthly lives for one with Him. They sacrificed the aspirations of this life, to walk and talk with Christ and to be with Him wherever He was. If we want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and receive our instruction directly from our Lord, then let us seek nothing short of His presence and settle for nothing less than to walk every moment with our God.


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