Christian Opinion

Christians are a peculiar people. Because we know we have been called by the supreme being, we feel secure in that the God of all the Universe has turned Himself towards us. Therefore, we often go charging around with opinions heavy with the weight of our faith behind them. This is all in keeping with the Lord´s hopes for us as long as we are filled with His love and His Spirit is present in our lives. If we go around pushing our issues, our feelings, and our opinions on others, we need to be walking extremely closely with our Lord so that His kindness and His love are clearly seen in us. What happens too often, is that we put too much importance on ourselves, our world, or our church, and forget to check where the Holy Spirit is leading in each given moment. Seeking to walk closer to our Savior should purify our motives, give us more eternal goals, and keep us more tuned to see every little opportunity that the Spirit finds for us to work alongside Him. So, let us pray that we all draw nearer to our loving God, and in so doing, we will be closer in spirit to those who will look to the Lord as well. We will also be better witnesses when others can see the love, power, and presence of God in us, rather than merely hearing our opinions.


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