Come, Lord Jesus

He who testifies these things says, “Yes, I come quickly.” Amen! Yes, come, Lord Jesus.  Revelation 22:20  WEB
The young lady´s parents were always ready and willing to drive across the country to come and visit her when she needed help. If she and her husband had to move to a new house, they were there in a flash to help carry boxes, furniture, or whatever needed doing. If work schedules were heavy when her children started school each year, they would be there again to ease the burden and make sure everyone was taken care of. However, if the grandparents were not needed, they figured they would only be in the way. So, they would not come. No amount of persuading would get them to make the journey just to visit them. Are we ready for Jesus to come right now?
A lot of people these days may say that they believe in Christ´s promised return. Yet, many of us just cannot see it happening anytime soon. We may look around us too and think that the timing is not quite right or that we are busy with so many other things. Jesus told us that it would be like that in the last days. He was quite clear on the subject that when He would come back, some would be ready but many would not be waiting or looking for Him to do just that. If we know that there are these two kinds of people, which kind do we want to be? Would we rather be too wrapped up in our own world, our busy lives, and our earthly aspirations? Or, do we think it might go a lot better for us if we were calling out for Him, working on our relationship with Him, and getting worked up over His return. Let us pray that we can become the kind of children that ache to see Him come really soon and who will not rest until we see His face!
Dear Lord,
Let the deepest parts of our souls yearn for You. Increase our desire to be with You as the promised day approaches, we pray!

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