A Step Closer

The person who has never met the Lord in a real-life experience would benefit from taking a step in His direction. They could draw near to the All-powerful, All-seeing God. He could care for them and guide them into an endlessly beautiful walk with Him. But the same also goes for those of us who already like to call ourselves children of God. Any human being anywhere in the world regardless of their view on God makes a more beneficial move when we do what we can to close the gap between our Savior and us. The closer we grow to Him, the more we let Him guide us, and the more we will see His mighty hands at work. The selfish and rebellious hearts could take a vital step away from their skepticism and hate. We, the professed Christians, could always make ours a step fuller into the Light and reality of His immediate presence. Any step we take, let it be closer to Christ in our walk with Him. That way, we will be headed in the right direction wherever He would lead us. Each step nearer to Him, no matter how small, strengthens our bond. It increases our chances of always being with the best Friend we could ever have. He is the only One who sees every hidden danger and has limitless power to assure that we will always be with Him.

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