Bring The Spirit Back

There have been times in the history of the world where the movement of the Holy Spirit was overwhelmingly visible. If we are not seeing God´s Spirit and His presence influencing us and the situation around us today, we cannot blame anyone else. We have been under attack for some time and the enemy of our souls has laid an ambush for us. We were lulled into thinking that our world and the things we see are all that there is. The need to seek God and His mighty presence has been subtly removed from our hearts. If we could wake up from our deception, we could turn and repent. If we started seeking the Lord again with a determined hunger, He would be found by us again. If we looked more for the presence of the Lord and demanded to find ourselves right where He is actively at work, then surely His mighty hand would be seen again in our times. Let us pray today that we reverse the trend and trickery of our day. Let us fight off any complacency and seek the very presence of the Lord. It might be a scary thought, but if we could present ourselves before His throne now, then more of us would be experiencing His movement shaking the foundations of our lives each day!

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