Nothing But God´s Spirit

We run around each day chasing our dreams and aspirations. We are all trying to get somewhere or something. We fight to get what it is that our hearts have set themselves on. We may get some of it, and others may seem to have it all. But, none of it will truly help us if it has not brought us closer to Christ, no matter how much we manage to gain. We have been sold the wrong philosophy in that we think we deserve comforts and blessings in this life and completely forget that our test is to see if we ever want to know God or not. The true Life that the Bible teaches begins when we meet the Lord. For the individuals who have met Him, every step we take with God in our new relationship is full of and powered by His Spirit. Each step that we take with Him leads us further along an unending journey from where we once were. Before us, there is an eternity of endless discoveries of God and His wonders. When we seek to have God´s Spirit with us, He comes with all the endless power and possibilities of God. When we do not need or seek to be where the Lord is moving, then all our efforts are only worldly and whatever we gain will get us nowhere in the end. Let us seek the Lord today and pray that we desire to be filled with nothing less than the Spirit of God!


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