Crimes in the Name of God

When people have a negative reaction to anything to do with religion, we should not be insulted or surprised. Many crimes have been committed in the name of religion. Religion should be all about the souls of humans coming into contact with a Higher Entity that we call God. He is far above our comprehension, our morals, and our intelligence. Everything about Him is so much higher than our usual selfish and often harmful intentions. His love is so much purer than ours that we struggle to come to terms with it or shy away from trying to encounter Him. Yet men and women from all ages have tried to take this God who we should be trying to come to know and turn Him into an ideology or a weapon by which we can confront others. Walking through life while we are tuning ourselves to our Unseen God of Love may strangely leave us with few admirers in this world where everyone secretly wants to be the king. But, the whole lean of our new life is now towards the only One who is truly good. We no longer need to focus on the differences of others nor hit them over the head for not wanting to open their heart. Instead, we should determinedly seek to replace our own earthly natures with the goodness that comes through spending time in the presence of our Loving God.


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