Souls For God

There are a few people who, when hearing about God, feel something deep inside of us pulling us towards the Lord. We may not be able to explain it. We will not come close to understanding it. But there is something recognizable in our hearts and souls that goes out to the Great Unseen. Because of the weight of this strange pull towards the Divine, we will risk embarrassment. We will accept the ridicule of those around us who choose not to examine their own hearts to see if something similar is welling up there too. We place all the hope and trust we can into this connection our souls have found with the Lord. If we are one of the few who turn to seek the Spirit of God in this way, we can count ourselves with the likes of David, Abraham, and the Apostles. To such as these, the greatest opportunity arises. We stand to be made aware of the power and presence of the Divine! God can show Himself to us. He can move in mighty ways in our hearts and our lives. Not many these days seem to be willing to stick their necks out this far. But let us press on! Let us pray for the strength of faith and hope sufficient to throw us further upon the Lord! Then let the Almighty God fill us with much more than fine ideals. Let Him draw us near and wash over us with overpowering awareness!

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