No Pushing Empty Religion

When souls come into contact with the Almighty God we find a new life welling up inside our hearts. When we awake and the Spirit of God is allowed to enter us, it can be a life-changing experience. Suddenly people who knew only living for earthly ends find ourselves in a loving walk with a limitless Friend who will overwhelm us with breathless discoveries each day. A mysterious Spirit can penetrate our inner beings and surprise us daily with endless revelations and enlightenment. It will bring strength, love, encouragement, and wisdom for each moment in the perfect amount and timing. However, far too often, we find people trying to push religious ideals and doctrines where the souls they would win never need to come into contact with the Divine. When this happens, they sell theories or lifestyles. They never understand that we come to the well to be filled. It is sad to miss the boat by so far and it makes religion look bad to have such opinionated people wanting to make others think like them. We need to pray that any soul that would come to consider the Lord, will be drawn to seek their own encounter with the Holy Spirit. Let each of us become experts in experiencing the presence of the Lord. And, when we do, others will want to meet Him too!

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