The Moment We Realize

When any person has their reality shattered and they suddenly find themselves right in the presence of God, other people´s doubts will no longer be able to keep them from seeking more of Him. Nobody else will quite understand because they were not there and did not have that same experience. The kind of knowing that sweeps over us, is one far greater than if we had merely read something in a book. It is a kind of knowledge that can only come by living through the experience and having met the One we have been called to know. Religious notions will seem too small for our new walk with Him. Mere theories will never explain the new relationship with Him that we will then drop everything to seek. Yet every soul that has opened themselves far enough to be visited by the Holy Spirit will testify. We will be given the gift of hunger after the Lord and a love for Him that tons of books could never give us. Let us take the steps that lead us to a personal encounter with the Divine. We will never be sorry we did when He breaks through the clouds that cover our unknowing and unseeing hearts!


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