The Holy Spirit In Us

The Holy Spirit is difficult to explain or define. This is because He is Spirit and, even though we have a spirit inside of us, we are not completely aware of all that it means. Like the eye that sees a lot but rarely sees itself, (and then only in a mirror or a photo) we walk through our lives and few of us stop to consider the deeper aspects of our nature. However, if we could see our need for a higher moral presence and an intelligence that is yearning to be allowed into our hearts, we could begin to seek Him and the change He will bring. Once the all-powerful and all-loving Spirit of God can pour Himself into our natures, He will bring with Him, wisdom, peace, and goodness in all the right times of need. Those who deliberately choose not to seek this presence welling up within us will never know the overwhelming joy that having God´s Spirit with us can bring! So rather, let us sweep these hearts clean and make some room. Then seek the Lord until He can come in and make His home in our souls. Let us ask that He will live in us and move us as He guides us through each step of our lives. It will be the best thing we could ever do!

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