The Lie

It may sound surprising, but many people have no idea of what we are talking about when we mention the Holy Spirit. Spiritual concepts here in modern times have been tarnished so much by fancy philosophical writers and generations of earthly-minded influencers. They would have us believe that if we cannot see the Holy Spirit, He does not exist. That is a lie and it comes from an evil source that has been lying to us for a very long time. The Holy Spirit has been encountered by so many people in the most powerful ways. He may not have a body like ours but He has never ceased to work behind the scenes taking care of even those who hurl their insults at Him. He is the Spirit of the Holy God and is the essence of a love that our human hearts and minds cannot begin to fathom. Although we cannot see Him He cares for us. And, because He cares, we can come to know Him. He will draw us near and teach us all we need to know about ourselves, where we are heading, and the loving God who wants us to be with Him forever. Don´t believe the lie! Seek to meet the Spirit of God today and you will never be sorry you did!


5 thoughts on “The Lie

  1. I’m learning that to, ‘continue with me in my temptations’ is to live in the details God determines, in Christ. ‘He is come in the flesh’- my flesh!


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