Grace With The Saints


The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with all the saints. Amen.  Revelation 22:21  WEB

When a man fell in love with a young lady, she needed more than a little help understanding the sincerity of his feelings. She pressed him often on how or why he could say that he loved her so. He tried his best to explain it to her. Of course, she had stolen his heart with her beauty, her humor, her kindness, and so much more. Some things were easier for him to say, but others were much harder for a guy to put into words. She was not a practicing Christian at the time he met her, but her morals and standards were to be admired. Even after years of making a life and a family together, he struggles to express how much she still amazes him and helps him become a better person. Could it be that the grace of the Lord is with her?

The last words written in the Bible call for the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to be with those who have heard the call of God and wanted to be with Him. They are called saints. This is not a title that is won by making a statement of belief. It is not gained by grouping together with other people who call themselves the Lord´s. It refers to people who are somehow different deep down inside. There, in the core of their souls, the saints earn the name saint because something of God lives inside of them. We can become saints not by refining the outward shell or by tinkering with life. We can become followers of Christ by letting His love and His Spirit enter in. We can become beautiful children of God who will have Him with us always. Let us pray that something magical happens to us. Let the grace of the Lord come to us, enter deep within, and live with us forever!

Dear Lord,

Please send us a part of You to live deep within our souls. Give us Your Spirit to guide us and keep us for You forever, we pray!



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