A Touch Of Faith

It is not the people who are the most confident and self-assured who weather the storm best. They have only themselves to lean upon to weather the threats that will be hurled at them. On their own, they will have to take the blows and deal with their losses. But the ones who do not pretend to know all the answers or control our eventual fate have a mighty shoulder to lean on. We can turn to the Lord the moment we realize that we are not in control of all that may threaten us. Instead of searching our hearts for strength to face it all, we search these hearts to make room for the Almighty. When we draw near our Savior, we open ourselves to the saving power of all our universe. What the proud laugh off as trivial, becomes to us a fountain of strength. We do not even need to see the punches that life will hit us with when we walk through this crazy life with Christ by our side. He has proven to our souls that He loves us and is mightier than all the evil that would threaten us in this life. With our hand in the Lord´s we can be certain that when the storm has died, we will still be by His side when the clouds are finally gone!


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