When The Storm Has Died

As long as we are alive in this world we will face many hard times and strife. We could look to ourselves and try to build up our strength as if we controlled the elements or understood why the winds blow against us. Or, we could turn to the Lord. We could look for a strength that is not ours, to begin with. We could use a tiny amount of faith and a bit of hope in our Savior. We do not need to have all the answers, just one. We do not need to know the way out of trouble, just get to know the One they call the Way. If we step closer to Christ and look to Him, then we have found our direction. Walking close in next to our Savior will not make the wind blow always in our favor, but we will be walking with the One that the threatening winds and waves must obey. He has conquered death and risen to rule in Heaven. When the storms of this life are finally over, if we have wanted to be near Him, He will still be there for us and want us to be with Him forever!


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