Those Who Persevere

Every believer alive will live through times of darkness where it is difficult to detect the presence of God in our lives. These trying times of the soul are crucial for those who would choose to be with Christ. The world and evil forces would have us believe a million lies to try and deviate us from seeking to gain a more intimate walk with our Savior. In too many cases their tricks work. However, the trying times can be a doorway to greener pastures for us. They can help us make those extra steps that take us from nominal faith and feeble relationship and truly place our lives into God´s hands. Pain and hunger can make us lean on God far better than prosperity and confidence ever could. When we learn to ache for a closer walk with God to the point where we cannot live without growing closer to Him, then the miracles happen. God has never left us nor forsaken us. He is right here, right now! If we would turn up the heat on our desire and kindle the fire that burns inside of us for more of Him in our lives, then He will reward us with an awareness of His presence that will blow us all away!


One thought on “Those Who Persevere

  1. Righto! Moses was a great example in forcefulness- God wants us to insist on him wholeheartedly. ‘.. the forceful take the kingdom of heaven with force.’ There’s serious action in waiting on God.


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